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The fashion industry is unique. Even if we are likely to associate fashion firms with the glamorous catwalks and the eccentric personalities of fashion designers, behind the curtains, there is much more than meets the eye.

The Concept of Fashion

There is no business like fashion business.  The starting point of our journey revolves around the definition of fashion. Despite being a concept we refer to daily, defining fashion can be challenging.
In the words of Christopher Breward, when we speak about fashion we refer to at least three different concepts:

  • Fashion intended as a form of art and communication
  • Fashion as an ‘adornment’ of the body
  • Fashion as an industry producing clothing and accessories

Anyway we look at it from a business perspective, fashion is a direct result of both a creative and industrial process.

Zapped – brief History

Our team has a  vast experience of doing E-Commerce business in different countries and on different platforms. The healthy outcome from our previous experiences has encouraged us to expand our business to our customers. Our customers are our priority and we are glad to inform that our customer can now enjoy our services and products.

The idea behind Zapped is to serve our customers with a wide range of family products. At Zapped, we try to fulfill all of our customer needs and we don’t want that any of our customer leave the store empty carted.

Zapped is well aware of the trends of fashion industries. This makes the Zapped’s website a unique E-commerce website. Our marketing and sales teams worked hard to achieve this by finding the products in the market.

Zapped has the ability to grow and prosper thanks to an innovative approach to manufacturing which allows them to create volume efficiencies based on the Just in Time Inventory (JIT) production system. We react instantaneously to changing fashion trends and take advantage of any fad or trend, making it readily available to our customers in a matter of due time.

At Zapped, our prime focus and aim is to fulfil the needs and desires of a complete family and it includes women, men and children. We are fulfilling our customers with all other essential accessories required to live a quality life. We have a vast collection of fashionable and stylish Women's clothing , Women's footwear, Men's clothing, Men's footwear, Bags and jewellery, Eyewear, Watches, Kids shop, Phone and electronic, Home and garden accessories & different type of ac.

We feel immense pleasure in announcing that to our customers that WE ARE NOW LIVE  with new website and striving to serve our valued customers. Just to mention here that, we carefully and safely deliver electronics products and accessories to all customers well within time.

Zapped store Collections

Currently we are dealing in the following categories:

Women’s clothing:

We can deliver the stylish and fashionable women clothing to anywhere in the world. Our collection includes women dresses, tops, bottoms, head covers, summer collection and lots more. Our collection will meet your quality standards and will uplift your way of living. Add comfort to your life by using our products.

Women’s footwear:

We have excellent and huge collection of women’s footwear that includes but not limited to boots, shoes, sandals, slippers, sneakers with all fashionable and up to dated styles. All of our collections will boost your comfort and quality of life.

Women’s bags and Jewellery:

None of women shopping is completed without jewellery and bags. We have excellent collection of handbags, clutches, shoulder bags that will add colors to your personality. Apart from that we have also marvellous collection of jewelleries.


Eyewear and watches:

We offer beautiful collection of sunglasses and watches at a very reasonable price.

 Kid’s shop:

Our store has a huge collection of kids clothes, footwears and accessories. Our kids collections vary from new born to teenagers.

Phone and electronics:

We have complete collection of phone and electronics accessories. We have all kinds of mobile phones at a very good price and we ensure safe and secure delivery to our customers. Apart from that, we have excellent collections of airpods, headphones, mobile charges, selfie sticks, mobile stands and lots of other stuffs.

Home and garden accessories:

We have excellent collection of home and garden accessories that will surely boost your lifestyle. Our collection includes the garden  tables, chairs, pots and our home accessories includes the kitchen and other necessary stuffs that are required for living a healthy life.


You are just a click away from shopping your dream products. Allow us a chance to serve you. We offer safe and secure payment gateway & also we offer complete refund and money back guarantee!!

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