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Fragrance Notes

TopPink Pepper, Neroli, Lemon

MiddleRum, Java Vetiver oil, Clary Sage

BaseTobacco Leaf, Vanilla bean, Styrax

North Stag Phenomenal Quatorze Premium Unisex Fragrance by Paris Corner Perfume is an alluring scent that will stimulate your senses. This fragrance is ideal for someone who wishes to stand out and make a statement. A fresh and energizing perfume is produced by the top notes of Pink pepper, Neroli, and Lemon making it ideal for kicking out the day with vigor. Rum, and Java Vetiver oil and clary sage serve as the heart notes, adding a touch of delicacy and elegance. The warm and calming base notes of Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla bean and Styrax produce the finish.  Phenomenal Quarorze is a multipurpose scent that is appropriate for day or night wear in any situation. It comes in a sleek, contemporary bottle and a stylish box, making it a wonderful present for you or for your loved ones. The aroma that results from the blending and combining of all the notes is distinctive and harmonious, and it develops over time as each scent builds upon the previous one to produce a complex and subtle fragrance. This perfume is fresh, energizing, and sophisticated. Experience the luxury and elegance of this exotic fragrance, and let your senses be transported to a new realm of captivating and alluring scents.


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