Ejaazi Eau De Parfum - 100ML(3.4 Oz) By Lattafa

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Product Description: 

This fragrance is made for a confident personality who is self-assured, confident and uncompromising. This is a gem of a fragrance and makes the wearer appear classy. Suitable for men and women. It is an oriental-inspired fragrance whose warmth and tenderness spread a pleasing harmony. You can use it as a year-round scent. A famous, distinctive scent that is higher-quality and more long-lasting. With its flawless fusion of organic elements that have been used in the East for millennia, it is a fragrance that mesmerizes all of the senses. A fantastic perfume that marks you as someone special wherever you go by announcing your presence with a strong scent that clears the way. It delivers a magnificent aroma that is extremely pleasing to perfume lovers.

Ejaazi is the fragrance that opens with energizing oud fragrance with oriental notes.  It’s the perfume you can fall in love with the first smell Summer Perfume Fresh, Citrus, Pepper. 

Top Notes: Orange, Citruses, Lavender, Myrtle, & Cardamom
Middle Notes: Pepper, Lily-of-the-Valley, Cinnamon Leaf, & Patchouli
Base Notes: Ambroxan, Woodsy Notes, Amber, Cedar, Vetiver, & Oakmoss

LASTING: More then 24hrs

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